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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Mister Marvelous by Byredo

There's something enigmatic about Byredo, the six-year-old Swedish fragrance house founded by Ben Gorham. Could it be the fact that it's only available in very select places? Is it the deceivingly simple bottle that houses such a complex scent? I really can't tell. And don't let its young age fool you. Despite its lack of commercial presence, the brand has received nods and praises from notable fashion publications, such as French Vogue, Fantastic Man, Vanity Fair, Elle and V Magazine.

On my trip to Italy last October, I picked up Mister Marvelous in Milan and it has proven to be the best scent to use in Singapore's sweltering heat. Every spray is a burst of freshness that reminds me of a very cold glass of gin and tonic with a generous splash of lime. It then leaves traces of black amber and white cedarwood, reminding you of its concentrated nature. I suppose another thing that drew me to choose this particular scent was the name. How can you resist the word marvelous? The website explains this very well and says:

Marvelous is a grand word, is it not? As it rolls off the tongue, it feels quite like it means. And it has history; France’s post-revolutionary dandies called their equally exquisite ladies Les Marveileuses. Marvelous means wonderful, exquisite, and astonishing. With a bit of strangeness as well – as indicated by the old Latin mirabilis. A marvelous thing must be strange in that it must be like nothing else.

I couldn't have said it better myself.