Tuesday, 31 August 2010

An Inspired Partnership

As the entire preppy world anticipates the re-issue of the cult book Take Ivy, Jack Spade and K-Swiss have partnered to create a little something to celebrate it. The two brands came up with a limited edition sweater and book belt to accompany the US release of the book. A bit steep at $245, but surely there are hardcore fans out there who wouldn't mind paying.

I personally can't wait to get a copy of this book. How about you?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ivy Leaguer

As one grows older, he/she tends to realize that in fashion, it is the classics the remain in style. And in this age where people tend to go a bit overboard when it comes to design, there are a select few that go against the tide and create clothes that will last a lifetime - not just a few seasons.

One example is Kitsuné, the cool Parisian label which has been producing a fine selection of garments for quite some time now. For Fall-Winter 2010, they offer a collection entitled "Ivy League". From the name alone, you'll know what to expect - preppy-approved pieces that convey elegance, nonchalance and character. According to the brand's creative director, Masaya Kuroki, the collection is heavily influenced by Ivy League schools, the TV series Mad Men and the 1960s. Take a look at the images below and see for yourself.

And if you'd like a personal briefing from Monsieur Kuroki himself, here's a video that showcases some of his personal picks.

Images via Kitsuné

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Men's Non-No September 2010

The September 2010 issue of Men's Non-No, an amazing Japanese men's fashion magazine, is out and filled with tons of amazing fashion, images and editorials.

I particularly enjoyed the style comparison between shop staff from Tokyo and London.

Great feature on shirts - oxfords and more.

Two great fashion editorials that focus on simplicity. How can I not love this?

As an added bonus, this issue comes with a free Paul Smith pouch that's perfect for carrying around bits and pieces - cigarettes, keys, phone, mp3 player, coins, sunglasses and more.

Easing Into Fall

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Anchors Away - Jack Spade Embossed Card Holder

While I wasn't really looking for anything specific while walking around the mall today, this Jack Spade card holder was too awesome to pass up. The dark blue leather was a great alternative to the usual black or brown and the embossed anchors added tremendous amounts of personality.

Once you open it, you're greeted by another element of fun - old-school tattoo designs! The one I bought has a naked woman (probably a mermaid?) which you'd normally see on a pirate or sailor. This card holder will also be a great alternative to my other wallets when I feel like adding another dimension of fun to my day and outfit.

Images via Jack Spade

Thursday, 5 August 2010

A.P.C. Fall 2011 Shoes & Accessories

It's no secret that I am in LOVE with A.P.C. I can go on and on about the fantastic fit of their clothes and the understated elegance it comes with.

But clothing aside, A.P.C.'s accessories and footwear are equally fantastic. Despite their extreme simplicity, there is that unmistakable French appeal that not everyone can master.

The offerings from the Fall 2011 collection (pictured above) make me want to head down to the boutique and hoard. Unfortunately, I don't think all of them are available at the Singapore boutique yet. I popped by last Saturday and majority of the things on display were from last season (sale is still ongoing 30-50% off), albeit a small section of the boutique had a few pieces from the collection. Those Gucci-esque loafers and messenger bags are on the top of my must-have list.