Thursday, 5 August 2010

A.P.C. Fall 2011 Shoes & Accessories

It's no secret that I am in LOVE with A.P.C. I can go on and on about the fantastic fit of their clothes and the understated elegance it comes with.

But clothing aside, A.P.C.'s accessories and footwear are equally fantastic. Despite their extreme simplicity, there is that unmistakable French appeal that not everyone can master.

The offerings from the Fall 2011 collection (pictured above) make me want to head down to the boutique and hoard. Unfortunately, I don't think all of them are available at the Singapore boutique yet. I popped by last Saturday and majority of the things on display were from last season (sale is still ongoing 30-50% off), albeit a small section of the boutique had a few pieces from the collection. Those Gucci-esque loafers and messenger bags are on the top of my must-have list.


Unknown said...

the woven blue belt screams my name...

thwany said...

those bags are beautiful