Tuesday, 23 September 2008

From the desk of...

Whenever you're slaving away at work, did you ever think of what it would feel like if you were working for, let's say one of the biggest department stores in the world? Or one of the coolest magazines around? And if ever you have, did you think about how your desk at work would look like? Well, imagine no more! One of the coolest blogs around, A Continuous Lean, has a regular section called "From the desk of...". Every so often, they feature the work desk of stylish guys and they're not always as tidy as you imagine them to be.

Stephen Watson of Men's Vogue

Michael Macko of Saks Fifth Avenue

Ben Ferencz of The Design Cooperative

Eugene Tong of Details Magazine


Anonymous said...

love the desk of the guy from saks! check out the hermes boxes!! soo cute!

The Boy said...

Hej Ant!

Do you have some pics from your new home in Singapore that I could post on my blog? Let me know. Mail me at paolosavi@gmail.com . You have great taste and it would be perfect!