Thursday, 19 February 2009

Wooden Frames

While walking around Raffles City earlier, I saw a kiosk selling assorted types of glasses. On one row, there were several specs with frames made out of wood that vary from natural, grey and black tones (very similar to the photo above). Aside from those, there were also some in the same style but rendered in black plastic and tortoise shell. I have to say the wooden ones were really interesting and quite beautiful. I tried them on and they fit me well (or at least I think they fit me well) but I didn't buy them.

I'm still on the fence about getting them since a.) I don't know if I'll use them, b.) they might ruin my eyesight, c.) I might regret buying them later on and wish I just spent the money on something else. Perhaps I'll sleep on it first and hopefully, in a few days, I'll figure out if I really want them. If anyone gets to read this entry, I'd appreciate some comments.


Unknown said...

Yes. You should buy them.

How much are those? If i were you i would get them, if they are not too pricey (if they are in a kiosk, i suspect they won't be). They go very well with oxford shirts - which i know you love.

There is a series of wooden frames by a Japanese, and they were very good because each pair was handcrafted. I can't remember the name of the designer though.


I like but i'm afraid I might just break em..knowing me


Thanks for the input. Appreciate it! They're S$49.

Haha! Just don't put them in your back pocket.

Michael Morco said...

I don't think your eyesight will be affected. If they fit you, you should get a pair. They're cool.

Anonymous said...

woah. expensive! it's intriguing though. i've been on a glasses hunt lately but i think everyone's getting on the horn-rimmed wagon. i bought some vintage pierre cardin frames but i''m still weary if i should get lenses for them.

Anonymous said...

oh wait. nevermind. i though you wrote $499.

how's the sturdiness by the way? i was just thinking about wooden frames. i've been curious ever since i started reading darcel dissapoints. in which darcel wears. (check it out!)

ierdna said...

Hi! which kiosk is that? I m interested in getting a pair. I have been looking around for affoordable wooden frame for sometime. Thanks



Thanks for the input!

They're quite sturdy, I think. Will you be going to Sg anytime soon?

I don't really remember the name but it's at the basement. It's a kiosk that exclusively sells eyewear.

kaydays said...

If they're not heavy on the face go for it!

Anonymous said...


how much were they.