Sunday, 24 May 2009

Monocle Issue 24 - June 2009

Picked up the latest issue of Monocle earlier today. It's packed with interesting reads such as young Japanese men exploring the pastoral life, a 16 page aviation guide and Kyoto folk and their bicycles. And as always, the fashion spreads are amazing.

At the same time, download the latest edition of Monocle Weekly with guests such as M-Flo's Verbal and author/journalist Mark Robinson.


Make it Easy said...

oh ya this is a cool mag! i like those fashion photo shoots they do in a theme of a different city!


Yes! I love this magazine. Do you regularly buy it too? Hey when will you be in Manila? Do you have an exact date already?

Make it Easy said...

heh nah, i dont buy it regularly. the only issue i bought was at a newspaper stand in the london train station, so i thought it was strictly a european magazine at first. until i saw it the other week at our book store, hehe

i dont think we have an exact date yet
but its the same idea as last time: with my cousins and auntys and uncles....we know its gonna be end of Dec to begging of Jan