Monday, 3 August 2009

Declaration of Dependence

It's been five years since the Kings of Convenience released Riot on an Empty Street. I've waited patiently and finally, the duo are releasing their latest studio album, Declaration of Dependence, by the end of September.

Their music has always calmed me during moments of anxiety, lifted my spirits in times of grief and has never failed to put a smile across my face. My love affair with their music will continue on and after listening to a few songs off of the new album, I'm quite certain that the love will only grow deeper.

Boat Behind

Mrs. Cold


Michael Morco said...

"Cayman Islands" is surely a classic. And my favorite from 'Riots' is "Homesick." For me, Kings of Convenience transforms melancholia into a beautiful thing.


"Cayman Islands" is the best followed by "Know-How" because Feist is in it as well! I do, however, love the video for "I'd Rather Dance With You"!

Make it Easy said...

ooh thank god. im ready for new KOC

bean said...

Gosh. I loved Riot on an Empty Street. Great that they have a new album!