Sunday, 3 July 2011


Check out some of these well-designed items from South Korean brand, Millimeter/Milligram.

These notepads and planners are perfect if you're like me - always scribbling stuff down.

Drinking 3-in-1 coffee is taken to another level with these mugs. I personally love the Scandinavian look. My friend Damon, who was recently in town, gave me two of these and I adore them.

Keep your keys in place with these key holders. Cute sans the kitsch.

Stash your city essentials or groceries in these awesome tote bags.

Don't forget to check out Millimeter/Milligram's diary here for your daily dose of cool.


Sun said...

Oh, i like your mugs.
Your tote bags also nice :-)


Hi there! I only have the mugs. Unfortunately I don't have any of the other items. :)

thwany said...

i love the 'essay' books.

PJ said...

This reminds me I have the tote bag in blue from my trip to Seoul a couple of years back.