Sunday, 18 September 2011

My feet's best friend - Muji sneakers

Muji is heaven for a lot of people. Whether you're in the market for understated and elegant luggage, furniture, bags, linens, towels, clothes or toiletries, the Japanese mega-brand has everything you could possibly need.

Muji is where I go to stock up on oxford shirts and sleepwear. Aside from those, it is also my go-to place for sneakers. They're cheap, comfortable and always hit the right notes when it comes to design - slim, simple and they perfectly go with anything and everything.

The sneakers featured below are the latest offerings from the brand and I picked up a pair in beige for an upcoming trip. With these on, I can already tell that walking won't be such a chore, thanks to the unbelievable comfort they offer.

1 comment:

KC said...

i like the soft and cool colors.. perfect for those every walks. gonna check if they sell them here in manila.