Wednesday, 29 August 2012


For most people, the supermarket experience might be as thrilling as a game of chess. Strange analogy, I know, but really - you do it, you finish, you get out of there and it doesn't really leave a lasting impression.

For the folks behind SPRMRKT however, that shouldn't be the case. When they set up this multi-purpose bistro and convenience store, they wanted to redefine the local supermarket experience and repurpose it into something that satisfies daily needs with a little extra on the side.

What sets this restaurant and retail space apart from the myriad eateries popping up all over Singapore is the element of surprise. From Monday to Saturday, you get varying menus that consist of tasty salads, comforting soups, hearty mains and perfect side dishes. If you're in the market for freshly baked cakes and pastries or ingredients for a home-cooked meal, feel free to browse the humble yet interesting retail section - items range from eggs and breads to ciders and English enamelware.  

Photo from Great New Places
On the Friday menu: Barbecue pulled-pork sandwich with a side of onion rings. Might look simple, but it sure packs a whole lot of flavour!
In a country that's saturated with celebrity restaurants, fast food chains and run-of-the-mill eateries (don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining!), SPRMRKT is definitely a breath of fresh air. It's a wonderful place to catch up with friends over unpretentious food and it's also quiet enough, allowing you to catch up on your reading over a cup of coffee. And for those who are in constant need of visual stimulation? You've come to the right place. It also doubles as a mini-gallery from time to time, with works from creative individuals adorning the walls.

Photo from SPRMRKT Facebook Page

2 McCallum Street, Singapore
+65 6221 0712

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Matthew Spade said...

looks wonderful, seems like they have got a good mix of really like simple humble design as well as good food. there's a coffee shop in my city that looks great, nice atmos and ace coffee but the food is quite naff