Thursday, 30 October 2008

It's all in the details.

Three very different looks shot by The Sartorialist at different times and at different locations. What ties these looks together, you might ask? Well, take a closer look. These three all have something distinct that make them really stand out (well, for me at least).

In photo number 1, it's the pen that's peeking out of the shirt pocket. In photo number 2, it's the pack of cigarettes in the woman's hand. And finally, it's the unexpected brown leather belt. These seemingly unnoticeable accessories are the things that make their outfits work in my opinion.


thwany said...

i love his work.


loving the 1st and 3rd photo

Timmy Sy Ang said...

pinstripes never die. they just get re-done re-labeled re-energized.