Monday, 17 November 2008

A well edited wardrobe.

Having a well edited wardrobe with the perfect pieces that fit you like a dream is, well...a dream. I often imagine what it's like to have one clothes rack that can only accommodate 12 pieces. And with that said, these are the pieces that will be on my (imaginary) rack:

1-2. Two white oxford shirts (l/s)
3-4. Two navy and white striped shirts (l/s)
5-6. Two black pique polos
7. Black round neck tee
8. Black sweater vest
9. Navy hoodie
10. Black two button blazer
11-12. Two pairs of black jeans

Images from: HYR Collective and Tres Bien



Black jeans look really weird on me or is it my legs? Sigh.. I still go for salvage trousers and a couple ( around 5 or more) white oxford shirts

Michael Morco said...

Was imagining a similar rack for myself, and realized I couldn't do it. Twelve pieces seem too paltry. I'll go for three racks, if push comes to shove, I think.


right, three racks plus one big cabinet and oh, how about the shoes?bags?


M & Buddha:
It's supposed to be a challenge, hahaha! So you only get one rack each. And maybe 3 pairs of shoes to go with everything. And one bag! Dun dun duuuunnnnnn!

Michael Morco said...

I turned philosophical during breakfast this morning, coming up with this list. It was exhausting.

1-2 White long-sleeved shirts
3 Black long-sleeved shirt
4-6 Black, white and khaki trousers
7 Dark denim pants
8-10 Black, navy and cream blazers
10 Cream cardigan
11 A gray vest
12 A black suit

Shoes: Black and brown lace-ups from John Lobb and white Converse Chuck Taylors

Bag: LV Damier Icare

Congratulations to me, I did it. Hehe.


Pretty tough! Here’s my list

White long-sleeved shirts

gingham long-sleeved shirt in blue and red

khaki trousers

pastel cotton shorts (should be above the knees)

Dark denim trousers

Black and navy blazers

Black, purple and pink pullover

A black suit

Pique shirts in black, navy, pink, purple and yellow

Shoes: Black and brown lace-ups from Paul Smith and Cole haan and cream espadrilles

Bag: Maison Martin Margiela green canvas carry all