Monday, 16 February 2009

Band Of Outsiders Fall 2009

Double-breasted blazers, toggle coats, tweeds and sweatpants were all present in the Band Of Outsiders Fall 2009 collection. The combination of these pieces, as odd as it may seem, worked out together quite well and presented a cohesive collection that calls to mind, yet again, gentlemanly style of the 1960's. But even if we are sent back in time, Scott Sternberg does not forget the present, and of course, the future.

The mixture of formal pieces with slightly less formal ones present a notion of practicality, of toned down luxury, and ultimately, sensitivity. Quite appropriate for the current situation most consumers (and designers) are in right now. The collection, in my opinion, is a celebration of creativity and nostalgia and proves that the brand is constantly evolving while staying true to style that has been tried and tested over the decades.

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