Sunday, 8 August 2010

Anchors Away - Jack Spade Embossed Card Holder

While I wasn't really looking for anything specific while walking around the mall today, this Jack Spade card holder was too awesome to pass up. The dark blue leather was a great alternative to the usual black or brown and the embossed anchors added tremendous amounts of personality.

Once you open it, you're greeted by another element of fun - old-school tattoo designs! The one I bought has a naked woman (probably a mermaid?) which you'd normally see on a pirate or sailor. This card holder will also be a great alternative to my other wallets when I feel like adding another dimension of fun to my day and outfit.

Images via Jack Spade


Anonymous said...

j'dore - I have seen the wallet online from the website and have always wanted one. I am green with envy Ant

- Shaun

Unknown said...

if this is a holdall i wud hunt it to death!