Saturday, 9 October 2010

Am I doing this right?

This is what I was going for.

And this is what I ended up with.

Unfortunately, I do not have beautiful wood floors. Or a Leica.


cholo dela vega said...

You NEED a Leica. Where did you get that flash drive?

Anonymous said...

just as handsome as the benchmark you were aiming for.

i was actually thinking of posting, the classic: whats in your bag? - how funny that log on and you have already posted on! mmmm isnt that how we met? via nylon guys? livejournal community? i forget. anyhow. one can only be so lucky to afford a leica. so beautiful! i did however just purchase a new sony nex-5; i am very happy with it.

ps. so loving the jack spade anchor fold wallet. pure love! (i am actually jealous, i'ved had my eye on it for a while now).

pps. love the muji pens too.


Walang pambili ng Leica! Got the flash drive from Tod's. Freebie during their event. :)

Yes! The Nylon community on LJ! When those checkered Vans were all the rage, haha! It's good you still remember. :)

thwany said...

nice watch.

Make it Easy said...

i have those same muji pens! theyre the best!