Sunday, 16 January 2011

Spring has sprung and these are what you need... says GQ. While I don't take my fashion cues solely from the male glossy, I do find their sartorial suggestions quite spot on most of the time. Here's a sampling of what's going to be big for Spring 2011. I guess I'm also quite lucky since I have a couple of them in my existing wardrobe already.

1. Kid Cudi in a double-breasted jacket.

2. Black and brown: The perfect combination.

3. Woven leather belts give outfits a casual vibe.

My go-to belts: Brown woven belt by Ralph Lauren, black woven belt by A.P.C.

4. Bucks - the shoe for 2011.

A pair of suede bucks I got from Mark McNairy.

5. Brightly coloured socks bring attention to your shoes.

A selection of colourful socks I picked up from Uniqlo.

6. And nothing says Spring quite like coloured chinos.

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