Thursday, 24 March 2011

Shop Mark McNairy

You can now get your fix of awesome shoes, fun shirts, ties, outerwear and more from the Mark McNairy New Amsterdam online shop. Here's a sampling of the goods:

Brown Grain Loafers. I particularly like the textured leather and the white rubber soles. The perfect weekend shoe as far as I'm concerned.

The Navy Suede Longwing Brogue sports the popular red sole and is the perfect pair to match with khakis. The details running around the shoe also keep it from being just another run-of-the-mill brogue.

Two variations of the Oxford Fun Shirt - a combination of various oxford cloths that result in a fun, rather irreverent, version of the traditional oxford shirt. I wouldn't mind wearing these, actually. When Opening Ceremony came out with something similar to this (in an assortment of pastel colours) a few years back, I remember being completely amazed by it.

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thwany said...

i want those navy suede shoes.