Saturday, 18 June 2011

Florrie, Florrie, Florrie

Florrie's first EP, Introduction.

People have recently been noting that this generation is running out of good pop stars. For some, Lady Gaga's antics are getting old, as she already set herself so high that she can't even manage to top herself. Some complain that every other Top 40 song that comes out of the radio has either been autotuned, digitized or bastardized. While I agree with some of the observations, I believe there are hidden gems in the pop music industry that are waiting to be found - all we really need to do is patiently sift through the rubble.

Her latest EP, Experiments, has been on loop in my iPod for the past couple of days.

One such gem that I've been recently enjoying is the multi-hyphenated Florrie. This singer-songwriter-drummer-model from the UK proves that she's more than just a pretty face. She's talented, beautiful, chic and produces pop songs that are perfect in so many ways. From the infectious beats of "Begging Me", the very sexy "What You Doing This For?" to "Give Me Your Love", which showcases her outstanding drumming skills, Florrie's songs will surely make you sit up and listen, tap your feet and realize that there's hope for pop music after all.

Check out some of her videos and songs below:


Jason said...

Nice find! Thanks for sharing :-)

thwany said...

i'm always looking for good quality music---thanks for sharing.


I've actually downloaded the whole album!