Thursday, 4 August 2011

Mr Porter's Picks for Stylish New Yorkers

Here are two of my favourites from Mr Porter's "Six Stylish New Yorkers" feature. Check out the rest on the website!

Mr Ken Miller, Curator and Editor

What is your approach to getting dressed?
"I've reached this point where I've established a uniform. I have three pairs of Levi's jeans, and I have ten identical blue shirts in various forms of stripes and solids. Every day, I'm wearing some form of variation of those two items."

Mr Morgan Collett, Co-Founder of Saturdays Surf

What is your approach to getting dressed in the morning?
"I like to be well groomed with my hair combed to the side. But fashion wise, since I own my own company, I'm pretty dedicated to wearing my stuff. If I'm not making something I want to wear, I'm not doing a good job."

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