Thursday, 10 May 2012

A Gentleman's Read

Majoring in literature while in university and being a full-time writer means one thing: I'm obsessed with the written word. If I'm not reading a magazine or a book, I'm usually online reading e-zines, blogs and news websites to catch up on current events and pop culture.

Over the years, however, my taste has gotten a bit more refined so whenever I read something online, I make sure it's from a reliable source that produces quality content. When the folks from Protein got in touch with me to tell me about A Gentleman's Read, an online lifestyle magazine by Ketel One Vodka, I was thrilled. 

A Gentleman's Read brings together wonderful stories and articles about art and design, food and drink, style, sports and travel from some of the best websites, such as Dezeen, Gilt Taste, On Plate, Still Hungry and Trendland - all of which happen to be personal favourites! By having these websites regularly contribute content, the online magazine proves to be a one-stop source of everything a modern gentleman needs to know. Cheers to that.  

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Matthew Spade said...

I better watch my grammar then.