Sunday, 8 July 2012

Stubbs & Wootton Watch Plaid Slippers

Looking at my wardrobe, you could say that I'm not a big fan of prints. Everything's plain and in either blue, white, grey or black. However, I do make the occasional exception: I cannot resist anything black watch. From a button down shirt, boxers, coin purse to bed sheets, I have it.

While going through the Mr. Porter website earlier, I let out a gasp when I saw these Stubbs & Wootton Watch Plaid Slippers. Aren't they beautiful? I imagine them going really well with my uniform of slim black jeans and a white or blue oxford shirt. The only downside is the price (£352), which is a little too much for me. Well, I can always hope for a sale right? 

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Matthew Spade said...

blumming expensive, just you wait!