Friday, 5 December 2008


I picked up this tote yesterday from a random Japanese store for only S$2! What made me really like it was the silhouette of the Eames chair and the random Engrish sentence below that says "Don't forget your moments of happiness". Will probably use this to carry paperwork, magazines, and the occasional sandwich to work.

Another tote bag that caught my attention was this A bag from Alphabet Bags. The letters A-Z are available at £10 each and they'll probably make really great Christmas presents.


Michael Morco said...

"Don't forget your moments of happiness" sounds like a perfectly grammatical, not to mention sensible, admonition for me. A great find, indeed.

Izzy said...

cheap tote bags are not only the rebellious antithesis of last year's overpriced, over-embellished statement bags, theyre actually pretty practical and useful. cant have enough of em :)

Make it Easy said...

hahah! YAY we're matching :-)