Wednesday, 25 March 2009

New A.P.C. footwear

Available at A.P.C.

And I was wondering. Would you wear brown loafers with black jeans?


Izzy said...

I would, most definitely. You might be able to make the look more wearable if you kept your clothes on the color palette of blacks and grays.

Stephanie said...

I would! Especially the darker brown. This fall I found that a brown fur scarf really added dimension to my mostly black outfits. :)


Thanks for the input. I've been looking for the perfect suede loafer/driving shoe and the ones i like only come in brown and the only pants I wear are black. (I don't even have a decent pair of blue jeans!)

Thanks! I'll probably go out and see what shoes are up my alley and I just might consider getting myself a pair and make the bold move of wearing 'em with black denim!

lstewart said...

My answer is YES. Blue with black is also a really interesting combo.. but I don't think black, blue and brown should all three be mixed in one outfit.