Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Comme Des Garçons PLAY Perfume

In a previous post, the CDG PLAY Perfume was an item I placed lovingly in one of my wish lists. At that time, I was unemployed and had to spend my money on more important things.

Fast-forward a few months later - I get a job and start earning a regular salary. I decide to go back and purchase the perfume but sadly, it was gone. I took it as a sign that it wasn't meant for me and I moved on.

Last Sunday, I passed by On Pedder and saw the familiar bottle on one of the shelves. Without hesitation, I walked in and asked for a new bottle. Turns out, it's on sale. I left the store with a lighter wallet but at least there was a smile on my face. In the end, good things really come to those who wait.


ifzan ibrahim said...

what does it smell like? what are the key notes? i like kiehl's forest rain. smells like errr, forest rain.. haha.

anyway dolt, please vote for academy for men's new blog header here:

later skater


yihee, I actually love the box. is it woodsy or a bit citrusy? I love the smell of Paul Smith...


One website says it's a combination of "citrus, herb and warm earthy notes...unexpected saffron and sea notes."

In my opinion, the initial spray gives off a chemical-ish scent, almost artificial. Later on, it becomes lighter with a clean, citrusy scent.

Yes, bitch. Will vote. See ya!


Hey, check out my reply to Ifzan. Which PS perfume do you use?

Make it Easy said...

ooooh good job!
it looks, and i bet smells great!
i like that description...sea notes <3


Mine's Paul Smith Story - I'm in love with the scent. Very masculine,discrete, but heady presence.

MFR said...

that commedesgarcons heart symbol just makes everything better lol

Unknown said...

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