Sunday, 30 August 2009

Drop-Crotch Trousers

Stepping out of one's comfort zone is never an easy thing. It takes a fair amount of coaxing, thinking and courage.

Drop it.

Just recently, I decided to step out of my own fashion comfort zone. Last week, I tried on a pair of drop-crotch trousers - a style that has been apparent for quite some time now - and was surprised that they looked quite decent on me. But for someone who swears by uniforms (oxford shirts, black jeans, white sneakers), I had to think about it quite extensively before making the actual purchase.

Paris Vogue's Emanuelle Alt

I think what finally pushed me to buy them was actually seeing them on someone else. Last Friday, I saw a gentleman wearing black, drop-crotch trousers with a white oxford shirt and white sneakers. It was a look that caught my attention and a look I definitely wanted to try out for myself. So yesterday, I gave in and finally bought a pair in dark grey.

I plan on pairing them with simple pieces like a plain black tee or a light blue oxford and white plimsolls or white espadrilles. In that way, I'll still feel like I'm wearing my usual uniform with a much needed twist.


mikhail quijano said...

pictures pictures pictures! :D

Michael Morco said...

A real gutsy move there. I for one can't imagine wearing anything loose just yet.


No pictures yet. Too lazy to pose, haha.

The pants are quite comfortable, but walking up the stairs feels kinda weird. Haha!

thwany said...

it's all about execution and it sounds like you're going to do it right!


yeah, photos ant! we wanna see.

MFR said...

drop-crotch trousers are amazing.
i wanted to get one too but i was afraid that it would become one of those type of clothing that just hangs in the closet cuz it looks so good but you never actually wear it lol


Thanks a lot! I agreed with you about execution. For a piece such as this, it's best to avoid pairing it with other pieces with bells and whistles.

Maybe next time, haha!

You should get a pair. They're very comfy actually. :-)