Thursday, 3 September 2009

Italian Touch

I am extremely excited about the launch of a new book entitled Italian Touch, a joint effort between Italian fashion journalist, Donatella Sartorio and the iconic Italian label, Tod's. The book features photographs of different Italians, young and old, enjoying the company of family, friends and even pets in various settings, ranging from historic locations to the charming countryside.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to the official launch of the book tomorrow, September 4, as well as the official opening of the remodeled two-storey Tod's boutique at the Paragon in Singapore. If there are any Singaporean readers of this blog, do let me know if you'll be there as well.


thwany said...

that book looks interesting.


I wasn't able to get a closer look at the pages inside, but from the blown-up photos at the event, I could tell it was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey do you know where and when the book will be available at bookstores in Singapore? or is it exclusively sold at Tod's boutiques? Any idea of the price too? Thanks.


The book is already available at the Tod's Paragon boutique and I think it's only exclusively available there. I'm not sure exactly how much it is in SG$ though. It's around US$60.

Hey Hadi, do you have an e-mail address? I need to ask you something. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

you can contact me at hear from you soon then. cheers.