Sunday, 27 September 2009

Monocle Issue 27 - October 2009

Have you picked up the latest issue of Monocle? Here's what to expect:

Contents of The Monocle Style Survey

Tokyo: A Monocle City Survey

Special Beams feature

Travel Edits: Global Selection


Make it Easy said...

every time i read this magazine, you are just running through my mind. hahah
oooh i like that tokyo page!
i wanna go read this new issue now!

thwany said...

cool, i'm obsessed with magazines.


The Tokyo City Survey is such a good read! You should really check out this issue. :-)

Yup, this is one of the best magazines around right now. Very interesting and intelligent reads.

henry said...

hi. i love monocle, but lost my copy of this issue en route to tokyo! wonder if you might have scans of the tokyo section, as i can't seem to find anything online? was counting on the guide to help check out the shopping scene. thanks if you do!