Saturday, 6 March 2010

Dreaming of Rio

I've been quite obsessed with Brazil lately, particularly Rio de Janeiro, thanks to Monocle's city survey which appears in the current issue.

To satiate my Rio obsession, I purchased the Muji BGM 13. It contains songs perfect for those instances when I feel like I want to be transported to Ipanema beach, while sipping a caipirinha and living the carioca life.

Click on the links below to sample some of the tracks which appear on the CD.

Até Amanhã


Minha Viola


PJ said...

I went to Rio last summer with a couple of friends. It's an absolutely beautiful place, both geographically and culturally. It still has that grit of the favela life but is certainly a comfortable place to be. The beaches in Copacabana and Ipanema has amazing views.

Here's some of the pictures I took to inspire you a little bit more. Haha.

The Olympics are coming too, a first for Latin America.

dantiegra said...

muito legal :)


Thank you for sharing the photos. The place looks absolutely stunning. I have to make it a point to visit Brazil before I turn 30.

That was a great song! Thanks!

julia valle said...

since its quite clothing based, there is a lot to being carioca in the fashion style: (brand i design to)

: )