Tuesday, 6 April 2010

It's All In the Wrist

I'm not really big on accessories. Usually, a simple watch is all I need. But the bracelets below, which are oh so beautiful and painfully preppy, are making me reconsider things.

Sailor bracelets by Kiel James Patrick

Silk tie bracelets by Justin von der Fehr

Images via Valet and Unabashedly Prep


Unknown said...

loved all of these! the colors are perfect for the summer...

Michael Morco said...

I think they're a great start to new adventures in accessorizing. The tie bracelets look yummy.

Meanwhile, I can't stop saying "un-ab-ash-ed-ly." What a lovely word.

Jacob said...

I would love to buy these, but somehow the Netherlands is a unreachable and deserted place to get these items.
There lovely before i forget!

Anonymous said...

that's cool. that Ties.