Sunday, 25 April 2010

Summer Style 2010

Not sure what to wear this summer? Here are some inspiring suggestions.

Muji's no-nonsense basics and natural colour palette will get you through the heat in effortless style.

Looking for something more colourful? Then Hentsch Man's offerings make for the perfect choice.


Make it Easy said...

oh i like those muji house slippers :-)

John M said...

i like!


Those are actually espadrilles! :-)

My Life In Receipts said...

Hey Ant, can't believe I haven't visited your site for maybe two months due to fever-pitch election season. So refreshing to see your uncluttered space.

But speaking of fever pitch, I wish layering (as illustrated) were permitted in 40 -degree Manila summer. We'd all be smothered! But the looks feel perfectly fine for the coming rainy months.



Hi Morx,

Yes, I've been hearing a lot about the coming elections. I'm sure it's as crazy as ever. I have to admit though, I'm not a registered voter! Shame on me.

And yes, I've also heard about the crazy heat wave in Manila. Don't worry, the heat is quite intense over here as well, mixed with random rain. Very odd weather!