Sunday, 13 February 2011

Objects of Desire

I can't explain it, but I am obsessed with this Kitsuné cardigan. Definitely on my to-buy list. The good thing about Kitsuné is that they have a cardigan in every collection, no matter the season.

These Prada shoes from the S/S 2011 collection are beautiful! I've already mentioned before that I like the thick-soled, colourful version, but these tamer ones are a bit more realistic for my wardrobe.

I realised I always put up an A.P.C. bag on my blog from every season, and this one from the latest collection seems perfect. Full leather and in black. I think I want this.

This Comme Des Garçons leather wallet/envelope was supposed to be on my to-buy list for an upcoming Hong Kong trip this April. I figured it would be cheaper there, but when I saw it at the new Singapore CDG boutique yesterday, I had to buy it right away. Good thing I did - it was the last piece! Now I have a decent case for my passport, plane tickets and foreign currency.


thwany said...

love the commes des garcon purchase

PJ said...

CDG pouch looks great. Wonder if I should match my wallet. It'd be perfect for iPad and travel stuff.


Thanks, I really love it.

It's actually too small for an iPad. Perfect for travel stuff though.