Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A Closer Look: Monocle Shop, Hong Kong

I just came back from a weekend trip to Hong Kong. Of course, the vacation wouldn't be complete without visiting the Monocle shop. Here's a closer look inside, as well as some of the items currently available.

As you enter the store, the section on the left showcases some of the latest Monocle collaborations with clothing brands like Loopwheeler, Kitsune and FilMelange. The shelves on top are dotted with a variety of items like CDs, books, decor, the BlackBerry x Monocle phone and past issues of the magazine.

To keep your footsies warm while on the plane, check out the colourful socks from the Tabio x Monocle collab. They come in an assortment of colour combinations and two sizes, small and large.

Over on the right side, you'll find the famous Porter x Monocle bags, perfect for business travel or solo sojourns. You can also find other items like leather travel slippers, Brooklyn leather wristbands, Comme Des Garcons fragrances and candles, passport holders, business card cases and an assortment of finely crafted stationery.

While the shop is small, they've managed to maximize the space. In this photo, you'll see various issues of the magazine displayed on the steps.

Framed posters that will liven up any bare wall.

A duffle bag of wooden blocks, anyone?

A cozy lounge area further inside. Here, you can sit down for a chat with the shop staff or place your shopping bags so you can check out the shop with both hands free.

The Monocle Shop Hong Kong
Shop 1 U/G, Bo Fung Mansion
1-4 St. Francis Yard
Wanchai, Hong Kong

*Many thanks to Gokie for allowing me to take photos!


Izzy said...

Love that area in HK! Nice and quaint and relatively untouched. Did you move there or are you just visiting?

Matthew Spade said...

it looks tiny!


Yes, love this area too. I was just there for a weekend trip. :)

Yep, tiny indeed. But it's well stocked!