Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Hong Kong Part 1

For some people, the idea of a perfect getaway would be somewhere quiet like a secluded beach. Well, not me. Rather than going for R&R somewhere tranquil with hardly anyone around, I opt for vibrant cities where there's always something going on. Hong Kong has always ranked high on my go-to scale because of the energy it radiates; the buzz of the people on the streets; the neon lights that illuminate the dreariest of nights.

Here's a pictorial entry on one of my favourite places on earth, celebrating the sights and spectacles Hong Kong has to offer.

The Airport Express is where my trip begins. This service connects the airport to key parts of Hong Kong such as Tsing Yi, Kowloon and Hong Kong

Working your way around the city is made easy by the subway, or more commonly known as the MTR. There's a certain rush I get every time I descend to this subterranean wonderland. The ads adorning the walls, fashionable folks whizzing by you, the colourful tiled walls - these are the things that never fail to leave me in awe.

One of the best things about Hong Kong are the hidden neighbourhoods. Break away from the main shopping drags and numerous malls and you'll find specialty boutiques, quaint cafes and a whole lot of character. Such is the case with St. Francis Street in the Wan Chai area. Make your way up this steep road and you'll be greeted by...

...the Monocle shop!

From the Monocle shop, walk further down and you'll see F.I.L. Visvim fans, rejoice! The beautiful structure and space perfectly complements the apparel from the famous Japanese label.

The fun doesn't end at F.I.L. Turn right and you'll find a small alley that will lead you to Sun Street, where the amazing specialty store Ka-pok is. If you're looking for Uniform Wares watches, Mismo bags, Astier de Villatte perfume or Mizensir candles, this is the place to go. They also have a little cafe where you can order a delicious cuppa.


Matthew Spade said...

i can see why people rave. i like your description of how you feel going on the subway


Thanks! Wait for part two. That's where I'll cover the Hong Kong shopping experience.


My turn next month. Can't wait! I'll be walking around wearing a suit though - pfft