Monday, 23 April 2012

Club Street Social

The problem with being too familiar with a city is that you eventually end up jaded. You quickly walk from point A to point B, mentally pushing tourists out of your way; you sneer at the familiarity of your surroundings; and worst of all, you entertain the thought of being a hermit since you've already been there, done that.

In a country as miniscule as Singapore, this is bound to happen. What was once a cool hole-in-the-wall hang out is now infested with throngs of people that getting a seat is next to impossible. A hidden boutique that only a select few knew about is now being featured in every other publication.

In order to save yourself from becoming a disciple of hikikomori, you have to take it upon yourself to get out of your comfort zone and discover hidden gems that will keep the sparks between you and your beloved city alive. That's exactly what I did during the weekend.

Sick of the all too familiar places along Orchard Road, I trooped down to Club Street to check out Club Street Social - literally the new kid on the block. This hip 4-month old hangout, reminiscent of tiny cafes that are common in places like Manhattan and Hong Kong, boasts a well-curated menu of mostly Italian food that include paninis, tramezzinis, humble breakfast fare and desserts, as well as inspired cocktail concoctions. If you're looking for a heavy meal, this isn't the place for you. But if you're looking for small bites, great drinks and a beautiful atmosphere perfect for catching up with friends, then come on down.

Club Street Social's exterior. It's hard not to appreciate the exposed brick wall, the brushed concrete floor, old-school light fixtures and the glass sliding doors.
The tiles that spell out the establishment's name is a personal favourite. It gives the place an extra touch of old world class.
I ordered the Breakfast Panini, which consisted of grilled pancetta, eggs and maple butter. It had touches of maple syrup here and there to accentuate the butter's flavour further. The portions were not bad at all and every crunchy bite left me with a gluttonous smile on my face. I washed this down with a glass of prosecco. 
As you can see, it was a quiet Sunday night - just the way I like it. Be warned though. If you plan on visiting the place between Wednesday and Friday evening, come early. The staff said that the place gets packed with the after-work crowd.
A view of the long bar. If you're feeling adventurous, order the #7. It's a cocktail that consists of cognac, bacon, date and walnut.

Club Street Social
5 Gemmill Lane, Singapore
+65 6225 5043

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