Sunday, 8 April 2012

Whirlwind Weekend Trip to Hong Kong

I found myself panicking two weeks ago because one Thursday morning, I received a text message from my mother saying, "Do you want to spend the weekend in Hong Kong? Please let me know and book a ticket soon." How do you say no to that?

After scouring the internet for the best flight deals and schedules, I purchased my ticket that afternoon and started ironing and packing that evening. I took the first flight out of Singapore on Saturday morning (7AM), feeling very groggy since I only got three hours of sleep the night before because I made reservations for Singapore Restaurant Week with friends and ended up drinking past midnight. Talk about stressful.

Everything was a blur the moment I arrived in Hong Kong. Here I am getting ready for dinner with the family.

If you didn't know by know, Hong Kong is very photogenic at night.

Dinner hosted by my mother at Ye Shanghai at the Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel.

Rushing back to the hotel to get ready for the night's activities.

Met up with my friend Damon at 10pm who was also staying at the same hotel - what a coincidence! We then made our way to Dandy at Lyndhurst Terrace to celebrate JJ of the Wanderlister's birthday, and what a party it was.

The next day was spent going around Hong Kong island. First stop was A.P.C. You know what went down here.

After shopping pretty much the entire day, we parked ourselves at Fuel at the Landmark.

On the third day, it was pretty much just me and my mother since my brother and his fiance already flew out. I took the chance to show her around my favourite part of Hong Kong - Wan Chai. The photos above were taken at St. Francis Yard and Star Street.

A trip to Hong Kong wouldn't be complete without stopping by the Monocle shop.

And that concludes my whirlwind weekend trip to Hong Kong. Will definitely be back soon!


Man Front said...

envious here! sounds like a great last minute trip.


It was wonderful. Weather was perfect, caught up with family and friends and ate lots of great food.

Make it Easy said...

how exciting!!!
so glad you got to hang out with Damon!!
i want to hang out with you both too!!!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

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Drew said...

"Do you want to spend the weekend in Hong Kong? Please let me know and book a ticket soon."

It'd be nice to get an offer like that. Bit difficult though, seeing as though I live in the UK. The best I can hope for is "Would you like to spend the weekend in London?" That hasn't happened for a while. I do know someone who went there for the weekend though, a friend of my wife's. Not by choice though, she was sent there on some course or other. I can't imagine what course was so important that they fly her all the way out there, put her up in Hong Kong serviced apartments, then fly her straight back home. All I can say is that she must be used to working through jet lag. It took me a week to recover from Vancouver and that was a two-week holiday.

I did almost go to Hong Kong a few years ago, but that was a business trip and it got cancelled at the last minute. Sight-seeing opportunities would have probably been a bit thin on the ground anyway, but it was a bit annoying. Hong Kong's one of those places that interests me but a family holiday there isn't very likely. The kids wouldn't like it much and I can't imagine my wife being particularly willing either.