Saturday, 16 June 2012

Patience Pays Off

Being patient has its rewards, especially when you finally get something you've always wanted. Case in point: The 50/50 Mega Sale recently happened and I picked up a couple pairs of shoes I've wanted for quite some time at a heavily discounted price. 

I've always lusted after these Opening Ceremony M6 boots. Every time I'd fly off to Hong Kong, I'd cross my fingers and hope they'd be on sale because the price was way out of my budget. They never were. But during the 50/50 Mega Sale, they were significantly marked down and I didn't even think twice about buying them.

These tasseled A.P.C. moccasins from the S/S 2011 collection were also a steal - 70% off! It was the last pair and they were in my size! If I didn't buy them, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.

My very good friend Jonathan was recently in town and he gave me this Hong Kong tote bag from Maptote. This was always out of stock at Ka-pok in Hong Kong because I'm guessing it's the perfect souvenir? Well, when he gave it to me, I was delightfully surprised!


Matthew Spade said...

very nice, the oc boots are something i've wanted too actually but way out of my budget. i liked them in the dark green suede the did one season too. what's this 50/50 store? the link doesn't work


Fixed the link! It'll actually bring you back to an older entry about the 50/50 sale.