Tuesday, 8 July 2008

A.P.C. Spring/Summer 2009 Preview

Some photos of shoes and accessories from the A.P.C. S/S 2009 line. Personal favorites include the navy boat shoes and the black duffel bag with brown leather handles. Judging from the photos that I saw, this collection seems promising.

Photos from the Tres Bien Blog.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the womens shot! Those nude sandals look intriguing... I love those duffel bags too!

Anonymous said...

loving the blue suede topsiders too!


The duffel bags are wonderful. Love them. :-)

Me too! I've decided to get a pair from Perry Top Siders since they look more structured than the A.P.C. ones. And I'm sure they're cheaper too!

Anonymous said...

i was thinking the same. but does Sperry make suede ones? i've never seen suede boat shoes before. i sense the slight irony of these APCs because these are originally meant for wet environments. making them in suede kind of defeats the purpose. i love it!


Hmm, I don't think Sperry makes suede ones. Did you hear about the "new" A.P.C. jeans though? They're worn by an actual person first before they're sold to get that worn-in feel. Then the initials of the person are on the pants as well (not sure if inside or on the side). Kinda weird.

Anonymous said...

how silly is it to pay for a pre-used pair of jeans just to get that broken-in feel instantly. not for me. i'd rather leave my own imprint on the jeans myself.