Friday, 11 July 2008

New Room

I'll be moving out of my house (actually, out of the country) soon and pictured above is how my new room will look like. It's currently unfurnished but by the looks of it, I'll have a lot of natural sunlight because of the large window. I also like the fact that I'll still be having wooden floors. The bed is a little small but I can live with that. I just have to change those sheets.

Being a big fan of Muji, I went through the website this afternoon looking for things I want to put in my future room. I'll be keeping things simple and clutter free and will work around the theme of white and cream with touches of wood, black, and steel. Below are some of the things I'm considering.

I'll post this photo here as a reminder. That's how I want the room to look like. Well, not exactly like that but I'm sure you get the point.


The Boy said...

So cool, simple and very scando japanese. The material make the products and interior.

Like the blog Ant



Thanks Paolo! Glad you like the blog.

christina li said...

where would you be moving to ?


Hi Christina,

I'm moving to Singapore. :-)

christina li said...

that sounds great, am still contemplating if i should go for the biennial. you will still be working in the same field ? it's funny how actually we are colleagues somehow.

Anonymous said...

where is this new room in sg?
nice wooden floor and large window!

Anonymous said...

ant! what about my artwork? haha just kidding anyway those sperry topsiders are the coolest thing now eh?-aeon